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Remarkable Leadership
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About The Book

Remarkable Leadership outlines a practical plan for focusing on one of twelve competencies at a time.

The core competencies define the remarkable leader as someone who:

  • Champions change
  • Communicates powerfully
  • Develops others
  • Builds relationships
  • Focuses on customers
  • Influences with impact
  • Thinks innovatively
  • Values collaboration and teamwork
  • Solves problems and makes decisions
  • Takes responsibility and accountability
  • Manages projects and processes successfully
  • Sets goals and supports goal setting

The overarching, thirteenth competency - the Remarkable Leader learns continuously - is incorporated throughout the book.

Beyond the text within the book itself, readers are offered over 50 additional practical resources called Bonus Bytes - accessed from this with keywords provided in the book.

Remarkable Leadership is an original book that is based on The Kevin Eikenberry Group's Remarkable Leadership Learning System - a proven process designed to help people become more proficient in their role as a leader.

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